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Discover what value and profitability you can get from your property immediately.

Are you thinking about selling your house?

Our appraisal study includes:


  • An economic estimate with the highest and lowest price that you should opt for and the sales figure.

  • An analysis that reports the factors that affect the sale: environment, demography, interests, etc.

  • Examples of other projects carried out.

What determines the valuation and appraisal of a home?

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Condition of the property

How the house is kept, the building in which it is located and services available.

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The location of the house, in what neighbourhood and what services and points of interest the environment offers.

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The measurement of the property, orientation, lighting or distribution are key elements.

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The demand: the purchase-sale price of similar apartments located in the same neighborhood.

The steps to follow to appraise your home:

Fill in the contact form with the information that we ask you.

During the next two hours we will send you the valuation report.

If you have any doubt, contact us. We advise you for free.

AEDCF is a a real estate investment group with more than 15 years of experience that identifies, select, acquire, refurbish and sell homes creating added value in Barcelona and other locations.

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What differentiates valuation and appraisal?


The valuation of your home is an estimate of the market price and will serve as guidance in case you want to sell it.

Official appraisal

The official appraisal is a report that certifies the economic value of the property based on its characteristics.
It is valid as a guarantee for banks when applying for a mortgage loan and generates confidence in front of potential buyers .

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